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Dive Permit Form 1How to obtain a dive permit


Document that explains the process of obtaining a dive permit (5MB file).




The following documents are all the forms you will require to obtain a Dive Permit.


Dive Permit Form 1Application Form


Dive Permit Form 2Rules and Regs Form 1


Dive Permit Form 3Rules and Regs Form 2


Dive Permit Form 4Ministry of Fisheries Form



Dive Permits

It's that time again!!

It was this time last year (July 2009) that we were informed we needed dive permits. The Coast Guard were asking for them and were preventing people from diving that didn't have one. They do not seem to be particularly interested anymore and it's a long time since anyone has reported being asked for them. However, it is still advisable to obtain or renew your permit. After all, if this is all we have to do to be allowed to dive in such a fantastic location, I'm sure it isn't too much of a hardship.

If you obtained a permit last year it will either have already expired or be very close to it. One of the brokers in PST was very helpful in obtaining permits for a number of you and it is possible he will do the same again this year. With this in mind, we have all the forms that you will need right here for download. There is also a comprehensive guide on how to obtain a permit. Even if you get a broker to do it for you, the guide still shows you how to fill out the forms etc.

You will need to fill out each of four forms, that can be downloaded from the panel to the left - some are double sided, Arabic on one side English on the reverse. Obviously you only need fill out the English side. However, it would be advisable to print them as double sided - at least the Coast Guard will realise what they are then. You will also need several photos of 2 different sizes - these are detailed in the guide below.

The forms are all Adobe Acrobat files and you will therefore need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

If you need any help with this or any aspect of filling out forms etc then please get in touch.

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