About TEDC


TEDC is and always will be a club that is not affiliated to any dive training organisation.


There are no external sponsors or financial providers and the club is solely dependent on active member participation for its funding and operation.


A little History


TEDC was created in 1979 by expat employees of the North West Armed Forces Hospital at King Abdul Aziz Military City and Headquartered at the Recreation Centre there.


Some 4 to 5 years ago a new manager was appointed to the recreation centre and had his eye on the equipment belonging to the club. A decision was rapidly made to move the assets of the club before they disappeared, to Najrani 4 compound. There was a significant club membership among the US employees of GD Arabia on this compound and the club continued to flourish for several years. However as saudisation took hold these people began to leave until finally early last year the last members left. Soon after this, under the threat of closure of Najrani 4, it was decided to move the assets again. To Al Fal compound this time where they remain to the present day.


Membership levels have fluctuated from approximately 200 members in the clubs hayday down to about 50 or so 4 years ago and finally down to 3 after the departure of the majority of GD Arabia from Naj 4 in February 2009.


After the recent 'Kickstart TEDC' meeting we now have a membership of some 25 divers/ snorkellers & non-divers that is growing by the day.


So what can we provide as a club?


Well air is something all divers are interested in and is our primary objective.


We have 3 compressors - 2 at Al Fal and another to be installed on TGV in the near future. We will provide air to members at half the cost of Tabuk Divers in town. Non-members will be able to buy air from us but at the same price as Tabuk divers.


We are also in the process of getting a rig together to do our own Tank Hydrostatic testing and valve servicing. Although we haven't set a price for this as yet, it should be significantly cheaper than Jeddah and a lot more reliable.


We don't want to go down the route of buying lots of equipment. We have a limited amount for rent, including tanks, but lets be honest most divers here have their own. To buy and service equipment is prohibitively expensive for a limited benefit in our view.


Our other aims are to do with safety - providing equipment that would normally be too expensive for most people to consider.


If, God forbid, anything happens at the beach we are pretty much on our own. So we would like to provide Emergency Oxygen and defibrillators that can be signed out by qualified members.


We already have 3 sets of Emergency Oxygen kits and a remote kit that extends the life of a cylinder from 20 minutes to up to 8 hours. We have no defibrillators.


Now how many people are prepared to buy equipment that they are in all likelihood never going to use?


This is where we feel the club comes in and would like to increase our ownership of these potentially life saving pieces of equipment.


Those are our main financial aims.


As well as these we want to promote diving by making known where and when we are all diving. We aren't trying to change the way people dive just make it easier for people to get together if they wish.


We will be arranging more social evenings so we can all get to know each other.


We would like to arrange weekend trips to places like Jeddah, Sharm and Taba in the future and we have several other ideas.



We hope amongst our objectives there is something that will appeal to both the divers and non-divers amongst our community and we create a club that is active and fun to be a part of.






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